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“With the help of Multiforce... We can focus on our real business challenge and what we knows best, wich is developing North-American markets. So we do not have to worry about IT supporting our growth”
— Frédéric Pelletier, CEO, SML

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You must select a Cloud, CRM, ERP, MRP, RFID or e-commerce solution best suited for your business?Which one should you choose?

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Companies are searching for a perfect match between business strategies and IT choices Our senior consultants are there to face this challenge!  Make a logical choice, contact us!

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Only 30% of decision makers think that their IT portfolio is in synch with their business strategy and less than 14%believe they could change this quickly to adapt it.*

You are looking for assistance for your IT team to bridge the gap with business lines tomake the best decisions?


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Being able to talk business and talk IT is one of the skills our consultants have learned to master through years of experience. They will make sure to keep the proper alignment within your organization. Ask us about our CIO on demand service offering!


According to Gartner Group,IT expenses will be limited to 40% by organizations in 2017. 

You need to leverage the latest IT tools, but you must ensure robustness and long-term sustainability.

Our consultants are on the lookout for the latest trends and IT innovations. Furthermore, their recommendations are always impartial and only focused on bringing you the best return on your investment for your organization Find out why!

A 2013 study driven by CPA Canada (Chartered professional Accountants of Canada) on IT challenges faced by Canadian businesses « Only 29% of decision makers believe that they can do a good ROI analysis of their IT initiatives ».

Did you know IT can help you stand out from the competition? 

Take advantage of the hundreds of accomplishments of our expert consultants in a variety of business fields.They understand your challenges, but also reliable and profitable solutions that will make your company stand out in what matters to your clients and your employees.

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The growth of goods and services linked to ITC over the last decade has changed the way companies do business. Information is easier to obtain, barriers to international markets are less important and the communication is in real time. To remain competitive, organizations must adapt to the changing environment, and therefore, innovate and invest in IT.

To discuss your strategic challenges in all confidentiality, take advantage of our “High Level” meeting offer, without any financial or other commitment on your part. You can decide after where to go from there, in all confidence. Contact us!


Documented references of analysis and statistics mentioned can be provided, contact us to learn more!!