Groupe Bussières is a company that has done business with Multiforce. This company already had some software packages, but needed support to make sure it got the most out of them. Here is how Groupe Bussières is guaranteed the achievement of its objective in the text below.


"Knowing how to surround ourselves, offering unparalleled service and investing in the right equipment and flexible systems solutions are sure values or the success of the manufacturing SME. One of the biggest decisions you need to make is the choice of your information system (IS) that you will use to manage your business.


Sometimes composed of an ERP and often accompanied by a specialized system or mixed systems (Best of Breed), the implementation of a successful integrated management software package (ERP) starts with a judicious selection of the software offer. Groupe Bussières and its subsidiaries have developed special expertise in high value-added components made from aluminum.



The company is constantly evolving and relies on innovation and the choice of powerful tools adapted to its unique business needs to stay abreast of technological trends and maintain its competitiveness in its sector of activity.



In the fall of 2015, the family business teamed up with Multiforce, gaining the assurance of sound consulting services that allow it to clarify its reflections on its various ongoing IS projects, particularly in the context of the optimal use of its ERP system as well as in the first steps towards the selection of specialized estimating software. In this sense, Multiforce technologies supports its customers with informed technological choices.



As Steve Bussières, President at Groupe Bussières, says: "We needed to see clearly in our projects. We had met several solution providers and it is difficult to navigate when many of them say they have the right solution for us! Who to choose ? The experience of the Multiforce advisors really helped us to identify and understand what was wrong with our ERP project and to assist us in selecting a project estimation solution. "



The experience and expertise of Multiforce's advisors favor the prioritization of business needs based on alignment with the strategic objectives of companies, while taking into account the often limited budgets with which policy makers must deal. Mr. Bussières adds, "They have a global vision of current technologies and trends that help us consolidate and increase our productivity through technology."



At Multiforce, the know-how is based on sure values uch as listening, collaboration and outspokenness, provided by a structured transfer of knowledge to the internal team. Multiforce is committed to the business success of its partners like Groupe Bussières.



Joel Asselin, advisor at Multiforce, mentions: "We must be attentive to the needs of the leaders and stakeholders of the company and especially offer them a frank recommendation meeting business needs and not offer" the solution of the hour ". We validate that each of our recommendations not only meets the needs of our customers, but also respects the desired return on investment. "



"With the lessons of the past, it is clear that Multiforce will be at the heart of all our acquisition and implementation of information systems. In my opinion, the saying that 1 hour invested in planning saves us 3 in execution could be multiplied by 5 in IS projects, "says Bussières.



"Multiforce really helped us identify and understand what was wrong with our ERP project."



With experience in multi-business projects for both the SME and the large organization, Multiforce helps Canadian companies make wise choices, improve or improve the performance of existing projects or systems, and control costs. information technology. "