Here is an interesting article that presents a customer testimonial following an intervention of our IT Director on request to accompany the management of the organization in the selection of a software package.


Testimonial from Preverco:


The current trend in entrepreneurship in Quebec is to acquire modern and easy-to-use technological tools that support growth. However, many business leaders have found themselves in recent years with exorbitant costs related to the solutions chosen, with little return on investment.


This situation also creates frustrations for employees due to a speedy implementation and lack of change management. At Preverco, which produces superior quality hardwood floors, growth has been consistent for 25 years and required the establishment of an experienced internal IT team.


Particularly technologically mature as a medium-sized company (330 employees), the company made the choice in May 2015 to have a partner that would allow it to move even faster its T.I. projects: Multiforce technologies. As Marie-Claude Perreault, Assistant Vice President of Sales at Preverco, says: "My VP Finance and I knew we were well equipped from a technological point of view.


To maximize our return on investment, we still wanted a second opinion, especially to separate the aspect "nice to have" versus "must have". The approach of Multiforce and their Director Ti on demand reassured us on this aspect. They gave us a complete state of affairs, validating our choices of past solutions and made recommendations to us objectively. "


The intervention approach of the Multiforce advisors favors the prioritization of needs, taking into account the budgetary constraints with which the decision-makers of the private enterprise must deal. Thus, the situation presented initially proposes solutions and deadlines taking into account the reality of business of the customers, aiming at not pressurizing their operations and their budget.


As Christian Boulet, IT Director on Demand at Multiforce, says: "We must keep up with the budget and operational pace of our customers, and not the other way around". By meeting with all the stakeholders involved in Preverco's processes and practices, Mr. Boulet ensured a thorough understanding of the organization.


The avenue of choosing a CRM has been confirmed and supported by Multiforce. Thus, once this avenue was endorsed by the Preverco team, the IT Director on demand studied all the CRM solutions available on the market and made a report and recommendations to the management team of his client. .


The analysis carried out included 3 optimal solutions and Preverco was able to make an informed choice. Thanks to the implementation of this solution, Multiforce is confident that Preverco will return its investment quickly. This, by increasing customer loyalty through better relationship management and customer history.