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Our CIO “on demand”, guided us for a Cloud Computing optimal solution and the implementation of this solution was done without failure.
— Claude-André Pouliot, General Manager, MACPEK

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Your IT should support more adequately your business strategy and your CI team.  

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Our initial diagnosis addresses two specific issues: a) What tools are required to support your strategy and operations team? b) Is your team capable and ready to face its challenges in their daily tasks?

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According to a recent CEFRIO study, lT are not simply toolset to implement.IT is a lever that changes the way we do things and must be accompanied of decisions that can be difficult or risky for the way the organization operates.

You wonder if it be would more cost effective to automate your business instead of hiring additional staff to sustain your growth?  


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Wether the solution is IT or business, our consultants have only one goal : to recommend you the most cost effective solution for your business. Make a profitable call!


Did you know? The production costs and order processing are up to 45,00 $ stationery cost and labor time, compared with $ 1,25 for electronic processing through the Internet. Federal Express has assessed that each client that checks the evolution of the path of its parcels via Web saves to the customer up to 8,00 $ per transaction, accounting for the company 2M$ of annual savings in operating fees. 

You must ensure operation efficiency?  

Take advantage of our consultant's expertise in continuous improvement. Increase significantly your profitability while raising employee satisfaction. Be efficient, call us!

96,4% of organizations that have integrated LEAN concepts have reported an improvement in their competitiveness. 95% are satisfied with the progress made and would not go back to their old ways. 57% mention an improvement  in their business reputation, and finally, 52% have noticed that their working environment has significantly improved.

You want to fully leverage your IT infrastructure? 

Benefit from our strong technical team in IT and security.  We’ll help you make the right diagnosis and take swift action to optimize your infrastructure. Discover how!

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Recent researches state that to gain in efficiency, ITC infrastructure must be considered as a whole. Infrastructure capacity must be increased. Do not focus only on a subset of components.

To discuss without any obligation on your part, contact us ! 


Documented references of analysis and statistics mentioned can be provided, contact us to learn more!!