Customer testimony of SML, a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchens.

The CIO on demand offer by Multiforce provides a range of services from coaching to IT management within your company. This service offer already enables several Québec companies to benefit from their technological investments. Your CIO on demand is supported by a team of experienced professionals, giving you an IT team at your fingertips!


Québec companies are full of talents, the energy of their leaders is vital, both for local economy and for themselves. They want to create, grow, innovate. They find solutions for their customers and are able to open up new markets quickly. Everywhere, information and communication technologies (ICTs) are among the tools of almost all trades. The most innovative companies, and therefore the more competitive, are large users of ICT.

But who is responsible for their management in the company? This is often an involuntary role... See the article we published to that effect.

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