Business Analyst

  • Takes in account all the needs and business goals to be achieved
  • Accurately identifies data sources and transformation rules to design solutions thatsupport decisio-making needs

Analytical Tools Specialist

  • Develops the solution components that will facilitate decision-making
  • Ensures the evolution of visualization solutions (reports, dashboards, etc.)

Data Scientist

  • Extracts hidden knowledge (correlations, trends, etc.) in your data
  • Automates the sorting and analysis of data by mathematical, statistical and analytical models
  • Exploits the latest technologies to predict trends (machine learning, artificial intelligence, scientific algorithms)

Big Data Solution Architect

  • Learns about your business environment and its technological ecosystem
  • Helps define the strategic vision and gives your the means to reach it
  • Designs and models a solution that meets business needs, as part of a Big Data project (as a whole or for each component)

Big Data Infrastructure Architect

  • Designs Big Data infrastructure in accordance with best practices and security standards
  • Integrates the Big Data solution with the existing security program
  • Ensures the stability of Big Data technologies as systems evolve (upgrade, expansion of capacity, integration of new data sources)

System Administrator

  • Establishes the best configuration and ensures the secure use of your Big Data applications for corporate data security
  • Supports and advises on configuration, management, upgrades and monitoring of your Big Data and analytics deployment
  • Ensures data availability, migration, archiving and backup
  • Ensures availability of applications and Big Data platform

Custom Application Designer & Developer

  • Supports discovery of the power of analytics applications
  • Produces an interface adapted to decision-making needs of your executives
  • Develops intersystem gateways

Splunk Specialist

  • Certified expertise for your Splunk architecture and deployment
  • Provides specialized support through our remote support centre
  • Develops customized Splunk applications
  • Offers training on-site, in-class or remotely

Change Management Advisor

  • Makes recommendations on content orientation and business solutions development
  • Develops integrated change management strategies to realize the objectives of the lines of business
  • Provides the organizational and individual capacity required for the communication and knowledge management components

Big Data Project Manager

  • Contributes to defining the roadmap of applications and commits the necessary resources
  • Delivers projects on time, budget and scope