THE CLOUD : a journey leaving from the « PERCEPTION »  station

Which of the following three characters (ie Florence, Marc and Michel) most accurately describes your organization's perception of cloud computing?

If your observation is that it is Marc, even Michel, we reassure you that your situation is very familiar to us. In fact, both Marc's and Michel's perceptions of cloud computing are the trigger for several of Multiforce's mandates over the last few years.

These mandates have certainly contributed to the development of Multiforce's currently recognized expertise in cloud computing. It is clear that some of these mandates were, rather unfortunately, in the area of recovery in response to a drifting initiative than in the area of business strategy. Highly interpelée by this, Multiforce has been given the mission to educate, small and large organizations both private and public, so that they can engage on a course that will promote the full return of the expected benefits of the delivery model Cloud services. 

In other words, to promote to our clients the endorsement of perception, or approach, favored by Florence, our distinguished figure, which is the main success factor that Multiforce always continues to observe fully cloud-based initiatives achievements. Still in support of the last observation, you will notice, on reading the testimonies that our three fictitious characters so generously shared at the end of their respective projects, that the results observed at the end of each of the three projects are undeniably consistent with the Perception inhabiting the character to which it refers.